Friday, August 3, 2007

Week 9: #23: Summarizing

Wow!!!! I'm done!!!! There were a few times there where I wasn't sure I would make it this far! I really will need to go back through most of the 23 Things again and spend more time with the "things" I think will be most useful for me. As a high school media specialist and a public librarian, I need to be on top of these different technologies and now I feel like I can at least speak intelligently about them. I know that there will be ways that I can use them but its a lot to digest even over a 9 week period. I had no idea how much information I would accumulate and much of it is just whirling around in my brain. I did learn a lot, I will be able to use a lot in my job and for the parts that I may not use, at least I understand what they are and how they are used to a certain extent. My favorite thing of all is Library Thing because I could see immediately how I could use that. Many of the other things were fun and I'm glad to know of their existence but I may never use them again. It has been quite an experience but one that I am glad I participated in and did not give up.

Week 9: #22: Audiobooks

I created an account and downloaded the software for Overdrive and then was able to download a YA novel Be More Chill by Vizzini. Unfortunately, it could not be burned to a cd so now its just sitting on my computer. Many of the titles that I would have liked were not available, I had to put a hold on them and many of them could not be burned to a cd. I am assuming that I would be able to put them on an MP3 player but I don't have one (yet ???!!!) but once I do I can see where I would use this quite a bit.

Week 9: #21 Podcasting

Having looked at the 3 suggested podcasts sites I preferred Yahoo!Podcasts. I was unable to use the PodcastAlley without doing a download aggregate which I didn't want to do and I didn't find as user friendly. It also seemed like the podcasts which were not very up to date. Everything I was looking at seemed to date back to 2006. Yahoo Podcast seemed to be more user friendly.

I subscribed to Merlin since it seemed to have so much that I would be able to use and great examples of how libraries are using podcasts. I listened and then watched the program with Elizabeth Berg- what a great way to share authors with the public. I can see spending a lot of time on Merlin when I am finished with 23 things.

Week 9: #20 YouTube

I can see where lots of time could be spent looking on this site. I did take the time to find the video on the Medieval helpdesk which had been e-mailed to me before and it really is quite funny! I didn't find anything else on books or libraries that I would be able to use but there are tons of funny things on YouTube- I could see where people could get addicted to it. I was able to embed a video into this blog-it was easy. I just couldn't find anything that I wanted to stay on the blog so I deleted it.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Week 8: #19 Web 2.0 Awards

So many sites to choose from but I followed the suggestion and chose a category which for me was books. I've already said how much I liked Library Thing so I went to Blue Rectangle and liked being able to watch video reviews of both current and classic books.

Week 8: #18 Online productivity tools

I was unable to get into Zohowriter but I did create a document on Google docs. I have been wanting to try this out and am pleased with it. We often have students who work on an assignment at home and then can not open it up at school because they have a different version of word or some other problem. Using Google docs would alleviate this problem.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Week 7 # 17: Add an entry into the Sandbox Wiki

I added my blog to the list of blogs and I added a comment to the Sandbox Wiki. It was easy to do and I would like to have more time to look at some of the other wikis on this site.